Please find our frequently asked questions and answers below. If you do not see what you need, please go to the Contact Us Page to ask your question and our customer assistance team will contact you within 24 – 48 hours.

Are Hair Arvina hair systems long lasting?

As we only use raw virgin human hair, real human hair can last for years in hair systems and extensions and we pride ourselves on the quality of our systems.

However, if you do not give your hair system the TLC it deserves, the system will not last as long.

Are Hair Arvina hair systems resistant to damages?

Our hair systems require a lot of care in order to keep your hair system Brush your hair at least once a day with a paddle brush. Never use conditioner. Only use good quality moisture based treatments.

Letting your hair dry naturally after washing will also help it to last longer. Try not to itch or scratch the lace as it is very delicate and all of our systems are hand knotted. 

Please follow our care guide on how to care for your system.

Are Hair Arvina hair systems resistant to shredding?

To make your system look as natural as can be, we only use the finest quality lace. Lace is also a very delicate product and after time can become damaged. In most cases all our systems are repairable. It is also natural for your system to shred over time.

Are Hair Arvina hair systems versatile in styles?

Yes! The hair systems can be treated like styling your own hair, down to blowing, curling straightening and even colouring.

Our high quality hair retains heat and enhances any style you want including flicks, twirls, curls and straightening.

However, it is always advised to use a soft bristle paddle brush when brushing through your system, especially at the root as all our system are hand knotted.

Are hair consultations important?

It is always advised for customers to come in for a consultation, however, it is not always necessary, especially if you are unable to travel to one of our pop-up consultations.

Consultations are important, depending on what you want to use your hair system for: 

Fashion: If you know your head circumference and are happy to use our standard hairline then No you do not need a consultation. 

(Please see our “how to guide” to help with measuring for your system) 

For hair loss: It is always advised to have a consultation to talk about different methods and systems available to suit your need.

How long does it take to receive the order?

If the chosen hair system is in stock, we can ship same day. When custom made it can take up to 4-6 weeks from consultation depending on if we have the hair you require in stock.

Why do hair systems cost so much?

Our hair systems vary in price, the price is dependent on the length and thickness of the unit. However, we believe you get what you pay for.

We take pride in using only the best quality human hair. Our hair has not been through any chemical process, it is raw virgin hair before it is hand made into a wig, which takes up to 70 hours to make.

Only then do we colour process the wig to style it.